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Month Long Minimalist Game

Have you ever looked around your house and thought how did I get so much shit? And when am I gonna have time to go through it and get rid of junk? Have you heard of the Minimalists or the Minimalist Game? Check them out! In order to play the minimalist game, every day you find things to toss, sell, donate or giveaway. The idea is to downsize! The first day it’s one thing and the last day it’s 28. So for February we’ll be giving away 406 items! At the end of the month I’ll share pictures of what I got rid of and where the stuff went. Today is February 3rd, so it won’t take you long to catch up! Find six items and start there. Here’s how I started… One garbage bag with clothes for Goodwill that’s been sitting in the corner of my bedroom for a month Two old crusty pots and lids which were replaced with a new kitchen set on Black Friday Three intercom speakers from a very retro 1970s system. I tore them out and I now have three holes that will need drywall… one in my kitchen, one in my bedroom and one in my living room. It is still great progress though! I have been living with them for nine years – apparently in case they come back in style? WTF? I hope you’ll give the game a try with me. […]

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Separate But Equal

Mr. Cabbage and I are a duel income no kids (DINK) couple and we will NEVER EVER combine our finances. We have both been in marriages where we combined finances and the other person had different or no financial goals. I am now in a relationship where I am open about my finances and financial goals and it is wonderful […]

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Whatever Can Go Wrong…

Murphy’s law is a popular saying that states “whatever can go wrong,will go wrong.” The day after I posted the “Biggest Money Fears” blog post, Mr. Cabbage got the boot from his employer. Being in DC during the longest US government shutdown in history (34 days at time of publication) is having effects on more than the furloughed government workers. […]

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