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Dealing with Diagnosis

My mom raised me alone from the time I was a little girl. She used to say it was you and me against the world (like the Helen Reddy song). Last year my mom was diagnosed with dementia. Long before the diagnosis she has battled her own demons alone. I have to remind myself that this is her choice, even though her three children […]

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House Hunting

Why yes, we are actively house hunting. Over the past six months we have had threats of a car being towed while parked in our reserved spot, a shutdown Airbnb, four dogs a barking and a partridge in a pear tree. The next door neighbors and the home owners association are definitely our driving factors for house hunting. And, after looking for three weekends or so we have found an area where we can downsize the mortgage and upsize the property. By increasing my daily commute by approximately 40 minutes a day, we can afford a single family home on a quarter acre of land, and save the home owners association fees I pay now (which coincidentally will offset the cost of my mother’s current home care). We will also be able to cut the mortgage from a 30 year to a 15 year and by about 35% of where I started on this condo. That means there is an actual chance we could own a home of our own in maybe 11 years or less! The key for us though is finding a buyer who will accept an offer contingent upon us selling my condo. We will be using the equity from the condo to put the down payment on the house. You do gotta love the loan agents and real estate agents who try to push for multiple loans and for us to get stuck with multiple properties […]

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The Continuing Saga of Our Next Door Neighbors…

In case you were wondering where we are at, following the last blog regarding calling animal control… A few days later, when I arrived home from work, Mrs. Neighbor came out of her house and followed me from my car to the mailbox (because who doesn’t want to be bombarded by someone the moment you arrive home?). She furiously apologized for her poorly behaved dog and told me he had been her mother’s. Then, she proceeded to bawl. Not tear up, BAWL. Mrs. Neighbor told me all about her mother, who of course I never met and how she had “recently” died. Now while I am extremely sorry for her loss, why in the world has this been affecting myself and Mr. Cabbage for months now? She told me they had bought the worst of the four dogs a collar to shock him, but it was hurting him and she thought burning fur off of his neck. So they removed it, and the barking which had mostly subsided for a bit was back in full swing. Still crying she told me they were very sorry and would try to solve the problem soon.

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