There Goes the Neighborhood

When your only debt is your mortgage is it normal to question selling on a daily or weekly basis? It used to be such a quiet neighborhood.  Mr. Cabbage and I are now greeted every single time we leave or arrive home – by our townhouse’s neighborhood watch made up of four large, ridiculously LOUD and obnoxious dogs who all live next door.  They awaken us every weekday and weekend morning and we used to LOVE sleeping in.  The dog’s owners leave their bags of poop in their front yard next to their stoop at times for the entire week until trash day.  It looks so classy.  The same lovely neighbors own both a piano and a drum set and some sort of speaker system that literally shakes our walls occasionally like an earthquake or a helicopter.   I know that if we did choose to sell our townhouse, that this neighbor would dissuede buyers.  Do people ask neighbors to clean up their mess and quiet their animals so we can sell and escape them?  As you might have guessed, we’re not friendly. Our community shut down our Airbnb that we were running very successfully after six months.  According to the Home Owners Association, temporary leases have to be a minimum of a month-to-month basis.  Our Airbnb was lovely and we were consecutively Superhosts AND we earned enough from it to throw a chunk at the mountain of mortgage debt.  The effort to flip the basement […]

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