Grow Where You’re Planted

I stopped driving to work the week of St. Patrick’s Day (big money saver for gas and tolls) and I have only returned for a handful of hours so far. Now I realize I am among the luckiest to not have been laid off or furloughed during this time. With the (very approximate count of) 105 hours I’ve had at home – that’s an hour and a half per weekday commute over the last 14 weeks, not to mention a little additional flexibility to work a bit of a flexible schedule here’s what I’ve learned and done. Closed my Apple Watch (stand, move, exercise) every day for the last 50 days. Eight pounds down… woohoo! Built a raised herb garden with tomatoes, cilantro, basil, chives, parsley, dill, catnip, thyme, mint, rosemary and sage. So far we’ve only used a little of the chives, mint and cilantro (mmm guacamole). So if you have ideas for me on how to use my little herb babies, please comment below! I have been binging Epic Gardening for advice – I even bought the book. Sadly this has not yet saved my basil plants from the caterpillar egg infestation happening, but I am working on propagating and restarting more plants soon. Started building a little catio (you know, a patio for the cat), perhaps overestimated my love of projects and much to ZimMaster Flash’s dismay it is not complete – as adding the roofing has […]

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