The Four Worst Pets, or… Why I Need New Neighbors

So… I may have written an email to animal control. Now, listen up… I am not an animal hater. We have a very adorable cat who you can follow on Twitter (@zim_flash). I don’t even just hate dogs… but Mr. Cabbage and I both very much love peace, quiet and the freedom to SLEEP! If we didn’t love sleep so much maybe we’d consider children… NAH! While talking to our realtor about our intention to sell, I fretted about how you even hold an open house with loud, boisterous animals sitting in the kitchen window of the townhouse next door scaring anyone who comes near our house. At our realtor’s suggestion my first step was emailing the insanely overpriced condo association who is always quick with their threats to tow cars or shutdown an Airbnb. Sadly, they didn’t want to take a stance on how many dogs is permissable or how much noise they are ok with them making. The president referred me to the city… which led me to animal control. They were so set on shutting down my Airbnb which helped me pay 7% of my mortgage last year when in the previous eight years I had only paid 13% COMBINED…. I highly recommend hosting an Airbnb if you can… but I digress. Hello, I am not sure what can be done, my neighbor has four dogs, which I have been told may be a violation of City […]

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