Whatever Can Go Wrong…

Murphy’s law is a popular saying that states “whatever can go wrong,will go wrong.”

The day after I posted the “Biggest Money Fears” blog post, Mr. Cabbage got the boot from his employer.

Being in DC during the longest US government shutdown in history (34 days at time of publication) is having effects on more than the furloughed government workers. His industry counted on government funds and is affected as well. Mr. Cabbage was an IT contractor who was not furloughed. He had no notice of his impending doom. He had been told his contract was stable until (at least) November 2019. It is not November.

Luckily, Mr. Cabbage also runs his own business and can take this time to focus on his clients while reigniting his job hunt. He is not strapped for cash and neither of us live paycheck to paycheck anymore. We were not always this lucky, so don’t think we’re unaware that this situation could easily be much more dire.

So far, 2019 hasn’t been the year of our dreams. We’ve had three doctor visits between us, more than $600 in prescription drug costs, one bathtub leaking into our dining room, a storm door that came off it’s hinges and a job loss in a pear tree. It’s only January though people… this year still has lots of potential for awesomeness.

I also should mention that I am also a contractor and my contract ends on January 31. But, Monday I start a brand new job and phew… we are not both unemployed at the same time!

Many of the New Year resolutions, plans and budgets for the year are going to be moved to the back burner while we refocus and regroup. We won’t be spending weekends focused on house hunting for now.

Tell me: How is 2019 going for you so far?

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  1. It sounds like your year has started off with a lot of stress. Hearing about your prescription costs makes me thankful that healthcare is covered here. But, from this unemployed soul to you, I completely understand how January has been for you. Sending positive vibes to the universe for you, your new job and Mr. Cabbage.


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